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Scented Candles

Is there a more inviting way to enter a room than by following an appealing scent? When richly scented candles are placed throughout your home, the pleasing smells, flickering light and warmth signal you and your guests to unwind and let go of the cares of the day. In the spring and summer try placing candles at intervals along pathways or around seating to create an enchanted ambiance. That’s the beauty of decorating with scented candles.



There are as many different types of richly scented candles as there are decorating tastes. From jar candles, pillar candles and votive candles to flameless candles and the popular Woodwick candles, the possibilities for scented home decoration or housewarming gifts seem infinite. 


Jar Candles

Jar Candles are an affordable way to easily decorate with premium scents, and a welcome token of appreciation for that special someone or the hard-to-buy-for friend or relative. Today’s richly scented jar candles range from the expected lavender or vanilla to the totally unexpected scents of a freshly clean home or fresh baked pies.



Pillar Candles

For a sense of luxury, try placing beautiful pillar candles of varying heights grouped together forming glowing cascades of light in a sumptuous arrangement of delicious scents and high style. Pillar candles enhance a room’s appearance so easily with their warmth and luminosity. Flip through any one of today’s home decorating magazines, and you’ll see pillar candles shimmering in every corner of the home, from the jacuzzi to that out-of-the-way nook.



Votive Candles

Where would we be without the votive candle? It may be tiny but it packs a punch in scent and appeal. Votive candles are economical and always look wonderful, alone or grouped together, in one color or a variety of shades. Combine them with votive candle holders in every shape, size and design! There’s no reason why even the most design–challenged among us can’t enjoy the popular votive candle to evoke feelings of happiness, love, seduction and relaxation.



Beeswax Tea Lights

These delightful little tea lights are made of pure beeswax! Popularly used on oil burners and diffusers, these tea lights are a great paraffin free alternative and have 100% cotton wicking. 



Soy Tea Lights 

The ubiquitous and popularly used tea light is made using natural Soy based wax which is 100% vegetable based. This is a great alternative for many of us who prefer not to burn conventional paraffin tea lights which contain petroleum based inputs. These tea lights have lead free wicking. Our premium scented Tealight Candles offer rich, bold fragrances that will enhance every room in your home.

At Reeds & Scents, we select only Tealights made from the finest blend of waxes for a longer burn time up to 4 hours. Pure essential oils in each of our fragrances produce a lasting sensory experience. Choose from a variety of colors and fragrances. Premium unscented Tealights and economy packs of unscented Tealights are available



Flameless Candles

One of the newest entries in today’s burgeoning candle market is the scented flameless candle. Safe for use around little ones, pets and the elderly, or whenever fire safety is an issue, (such as near dried flowers or curtains), flameless candles are made from real wax and offer a wonderful array of delicious scents. They glow magically like real candles, too, even though the ‘flame’ is a unique LED bulb that lasts a lifetime. Pairing your flameless candle—or any candle—with a mirror enhances the illusion of warmth and highlights the candle’s marvelous glowing features. Imagine how wonderful the flameless candle would be for weddings and parties! Your friends and guests will never know the difference—unless you want to reveal your flameless candle secret! 


Woodwick Candles (the candles with the wooden wicks)

For a truly unique and satisfying candle burning experience, consider the WoodWick candle. Available in many incredible colors and divine scents, WoodWick Candles are vibrant and rich. What’s unique about a WoodWick Candle is…well, the wood wick! Designed using organic wood, the soothing, homey sound of a crackling fire can be heard as the candle burns, and the flickering candle dances gracefully as the enticing aroma you have chosen fills the room. WoodWick Candles are soy based, burning cleanly for as many as 180 hours in the 22 oz. size. Whether your decorating style is traditional, contemporary or ultra-modern, the WoodWick candle will fit right in and easily gives your home that elusive ‘something’ we all strive for.

Floating Candles

Floating candles make dramatic and alluring centerpieces. Lighting candles creates a special atmosphere and transforms our state of mind. Your centerpiece has a mysteriously attractive element with the combination of fire and water.

You will need to choose containers for your floating candles.  A container will set the mood for your arrangement. Try a simple glass container for a casual feel or a glass bowl for a more traditional setting. For an extra special touch add flowers to your floating candle arrangement.



Scented floating candles

Kick it up a notch and add scented floating candles to your centerpiece. Just as candlelight transforms our state of mind so does scent. Create this transformation for your home by having multiple simple containers with scented floating candles around your house. The bathroom and swimming pool are great locations for a scented floating candle.


 Nothing better to soothe jittery nerves than a relaxing bath. Scented candles, and some music in the background certainly will revitalize your senses.